Girlfend - a survivors course to self-defence

Boosting Confidence Through Self-Defence

A comprehensive online course that not only teaches essential self-defence skills, but also educates women on their rights and the laws surrounding self-defence.

Women's safety is a growing concern, and the recent allocation of £5 million funding by the government for the Safety of Women at Night Fund, highlights the increased awareness of the problem and the priority to tackle the issues around it.

In response to this, GIRLFEND provides a comprehensive online course that not only teaches essential self-defence skills, but also educates women on their rights and the laws surrounding self-defence.

Why partner with GIRLFEND

Prioritise Safety

Based on studies, educated and aware individuals are less likely to become victims of violence. Equip your community with the skills to defend and protect themselves.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

By promoting and funding self-defence education, showcase your dedication to the safety and well-being of women in your community.

Holistic Approach

Beyond just physical skills, our course teaches awareness, prevention, and also an understanding of legal boundaries.

What GIRLFEND Offers

Physical & Mental Preparedness

Learn simple, effective techniques to fend off potential threats and develop inner strength and confidence.

Knowledge of Rights

Equip yourself with the understanding of the laws surrounding self-defence.

Safety Awareness

Gain insights into awareness and prevention to navigate potential threats in public spaces, especially during nights out.

Police forces, local councils and universities play a pivotal role in ensuring everyone's safety, particularly at night, is a top priority. 

Partner with GIRLFEND to reinforce this commitment and ensure women's safety is paramount.

Join Us In Making A Difference

Violence against women and girls, remains a stark reality. GIRLFEND was developed based on a passion for women's safety and empowerment.

Connect with GIRLFEND Today to discover how we can work together.

Girlfend is the creation of Lynne and Phil Newton.  Lynne wanted to use her teenage experience of sexual assault to empower of women and through Phil's expertise in Jiu-Jitsu and laws governing self-defence, they have created a self-defence course which is perfect for women looking to learn essential self-defence from the comfort of their own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we benefit?

By partnering with Girlfend you can empower your clients to learn self-defence from the comfort of their own home whilst receiving a financial incentive to support your work.

How does the financial incentive work?

Donations will be made via your own unique code that can be given to your clients.

Where can we access the course

Your clients can access the course via our website.  We can provide a white label solution which promotes your organisation and explains why we've partnered up.

Girlfrend - a survivors course to self-defence

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